It’s Fun Getting Into Trouble

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It’s Fun Getting Into Trouble!

Trouble is one of the “Family Game” Night Must haves.





Trouble is a classic race and chase style game. It involves an exciting competition to make it round the board, and into the safe zone. All of the action is determined by the “pop-o-matic”; a technologically advanced dice pod from the 60’s which is the hallmark of the game.


Childhood Memories

I remember this game from when I was a child; the bright colors, the slots and counters, and the epic races round. I especially remember the great fun I had seeing my parent’s faces when I annihilated their piece when it was close to safe.


I don’t remember them doing that to me… maybe they let me off!


Do Not Get Annoyed!

The game was originally designed by the Kohner Brothers, and manufactured by Irwin Toy Ltd. Later. It later became popularized, and was released by Milton Bradley.



Trouble Board

Launched in the United States in 1965, “Trouble” is not exactly a new game to begin with, and it’s history did not begin there. It was actually derived from a much older game; a less aesthetically pleasing German game called “Mensch argere dich nicht”, which literally translates as “Do not get annoyed, man”!


Trouble certainly still has the elements of the older game; the “do not get annoyed” elements, which require stress control. There is nothing more frustrating than when an opposition lands on one of your pieces when it is nearly home free!



I Want to Get into Trouble



Trouble GamePlay

Trouble is suitable for all ages, and can be played by 2-4 people, although more trouble occurs with a higher number of players!


The rules are very simple, and children will be able to pick the game up very quickly, making it an ideal family game, and perhaps a great first board game for a very small child.


Every player begins with their pieces in a home space. Players take turns rolling the dice (or clicking the pop-o-matic as it happens!). A six allows players to release a piece from the homes space, and onto the board, and also gives the player another “click”


Players race to get all four of their pieces all the way around the board, and back to the safety area. First one with all pieces to safety; is the winner!


The excitement of the game lies in the players giving chase to each other; and if they land on the slot of another players’ piece, then it’s in TROUBLE! If this occurs (or when this occurs) they must move it back to home, to start the pieces journey all over again!


Perhaps what makes this simple, but addictive game so great, is how it is designed. It is aesthetically pleasing, and colorful, but also extremely ergonomic. Everything just works. There is no mess to clean up after, no lost pieces, no missing dice.


The slots that hold the counters ensure that even when it is knocked, or stepped on, or even when the dog runs over it, it holds its ground. The pop-o-matic means the dice never gets lost, and is rolled fairly, and quickly.


The pop-o-matic feature adds a great pace to the game too, and the clicking noise becomes strangely satisfying.


So for a perfectly child-friendly, family night in, pick up a bit of Trouble today. No we meant the game… stay out of trouble. Stay out of trouble by gathering round and playing the board game Trouble!

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