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The biggest day of the year has arrived! The release of a colossal giant. Forget your birthday, forget Christmas; it just does not get any more exiting than this. It’s about as visually inspiring as the pictures from the Hubble telescope, and about as playable as, well… a really suave, sophisticated COD with robots!


One of the most highly anticipated games of the year has arrived, and if you haven’t guessed it already we won’t wait a second longer to tell you; Titanfall is here!


Titanfall is a first person shoot em-up which was developed by Respawn Entertainment formed by co-creators of the Call of Duty series, Vince Zampella and Jason West. We can expect some fast paced, high velocity action, and a plentiful supply of ‘munitions.


To put this game into perspective it has picked up 75 awards before even being released. E3, Gamescom, PAX Prime, and Tokyo Game Show have all awarded the game countless times over, in categories such as; best game of show, best console game, best PC game, best multiplayer game, best shoot em up and so many more! Excited yet?


Far from being another regurgitation of Call of Duty, Titanfall is an entirely original gaming concept. It is an online, multiplayer experience featuring 15 maps. But unusually, Titanfall also features cinematic moments often associated with single player campaign modes; cut sceneshared in a multiplayer arena. It’s a new concept, and one that is expected to blur the boundary between campaign modes, and multiplayer. We can’t wait to see how it goes down.


The storyline is set in the Frontier of space, and involves a corporation named IMC, the Interstellar Manufacturing Fund. They started out as a small company but boomed with the production and sale of Titan technology, as well as universal surveillance technology. They exploit in the name of profit, but receive relatively little criticism from Frontier inhabitants.


The Militia are civilian soldiers of all different creeds who band together to fight the exploitative greed of IMC; but of course one mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist!


The game features an advanced system of battle, where players will be able to play as elite assault pilots, and as heavily armoured Titan robots!


The assault pilots are agile and well equipped. On top of this they are extremely mobile, and are able to run along vertical walls, and jet into the air, leaping off the sides of buildings; their movement resembles a cross between COD, and the Matrix… excellent!


The assault soldiers can jump into the control pit of Titans, making for some epic battles between huge, heavily armoured killing machines.


Titanfall is set to be reasonably balanced in it’s battle system. The Titans can be called in by both teams, and assault pilots do not look totally stranded when pitched against them. They can acquire anti-Titan weaponry and can man turrets which have great range and damage.


Confirmed game modes include “Attrition”, a straight up kill-anything-on-the-other-team-which-moves, sort of style. Then there is “Hardpoint Domination”, which COD fans might feel rings a bell; here players must capture up to 3 points in the map, holding onto them for points. The third is a “Titan Last Man Standing” mode, where each player starts in a Titan, and the last alive wins the round.

Titanfall is available for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. There is also a collector’s edition available for fanatics. For $250 you can bag a pack that contains a collectable Titan figure, poster, and a load of concept art, as well as the epic game itself.


The most eagerly awaited, next generation game of the year, is finally here. Turn off your phone, quit your job, and get hooked on Titanfall!

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